enlaces y recursos [links & resources]

*page last updated Jan 17, 2012

Free online


Real Academia Española: Spanish to Spanish dictionary. No English definitions, useful for more intermediate-advanced learners.


Ver-taal: Lots of exercises and drills. Haven’t had time to try any out yet but they seem like they could be helpful.


Prompt-online: New discovery of mine. Lets you compare the differences in translation between Google, Microsoft and Prompt. Sometimes it screws up but there’s a back translation option as well. Still prefer Google translate as it’s instantaneous.

Fun Stuff

BBC- Languages- Spanish: Learn Spanish by watching/being a part of an interactive video “Mi Vida Loca”, thematic flashcards with audio to help with pronunciation, slang and other cool activities to make language-learning more fun!

Busuu.com: Register to take part in this gigantic online language-learning community! With languages such as English, French, German, Russian and more, the site provides basic-intermediate level language resources (audio file flashcards, etc.) as well as connecting you with native speakers from around the world that you can virtually skype with on their site for actual practice. Haven’t actually tried that function myself but if you have spare time on your hands, why not?

Living Spanish: free learning resources as well as useful pages on Spanish slang, the stuff they never teach you at schools.

Print Resources [for those willing to spend]

list coming soon!




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